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The Anhydro TVR evaporator uses hot steam recompression to recompress a portion of the steam from the steam separator and mix it with steam to heat the first stage.
Working principle
Hot steam recompression (TVR) is typically carried out in one or more stages by using medium or high pressure steam in an ejector that recycles a portion of the steam from the steam separator and mixes it with steam. This mixture is used to heat the first evaporation stage.
The steam consumption of the TVR evaporator varies between approximately 20%. 0.3-0.07 kilograms of steam per kilogram of water is evaporated, depending on the number of stages in which recompression occurs.
This design provides a cheaper machine than a direct steam heating design, but requires power steam pressure.
Workshop production
鈼?The TVR heat pump is used to recompress part of the secondary steam as an evaporation concentration crystallization device for the heat source of the heating chamber.
鈼?It must have a stable supply condition of saturated steam of 0.7MPa or more.
鈼?The performance of TVR is directly related to the steam saving effect, so it is necessary to use products with guaranteed running performance.
鈼?If the quality and performance of TVR are poor, the steam saving effect is not obvious, and it will be easily damaged due to noise and vibration.
Packaging and shipping
China TVR Evaporator

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