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  • How to get Gmail inbox cleaned?


    You can download the Kaspersky security cloud and for that, you don’t have to pay anything. You can create a My Kaspersky account to start making use of Kaspersky Security Cloud and all of the outstanding features. Go to Kaspersky and it will keep all of…

  • “Norton not working on Mac” what to do?


    If this is the case then to get the problem fixed the user should get the Mac operating system checked also the user should see if the software needs a live update, for more help over this the user should read more at norton care number uk

  • How to change the AOL account to a free plan?


    You can change your AOL Account to a free plan and for that, click My services and subscriptions to get access to the account details. Click on Manage appears next to the subscription. Click on Change Plan and review the confirmation page and choose a…

  • Why am I not able to install Kaspersky on Windows 10?


    The problem can be of software compatibility or it can be the license not found error, the user should also check if the application has been removed from the computer for knowing more regarding the reasons of it the user should go to the team of…

  • Is it possible to change default font in Yahoo mail?


    Yes, one can change the default Font in Yahoo mail for that the user will have to click on the “Settings” icon then from “more settings” the user should click “writing mail” from the default rich-text font” the user can get the preferred style and size…

  • Can I lock my Gmail Account?


    Yes, you can lock your Gmail account, and for that, log in to Google and click on the Google icon that appears in the top-right corner of the page and then, click on Account. On the next page, click on the Security tab and find the “Two-Step Verification”…

  • How to enable or disable Avast Core Shields?


    You can enable the Avast Core shield and for that, open the Avast antivirus and then, go to the three-dash Menu and Settings. Choose Protection and Core Shields and click on the green (on) slider and then, choose time duration to disable Core Shields.…

  • Why I am not able to use Norton on windows?


    If you are stuck because you aren’t able to use Norton on Windows then, you will need to check Norton for available updates. Also, check the Windows OS for updates and install them. Check the Norton subscription status and if it gets expired then, renew…

  • How to troubleshoot Netflix error?


    If Netflix error has to be fixed, then, in that case, the user should try using another network also the user can get the computer restarted, for knowing more the user should get in touch with the Netflix technical team lines are open always that is 24*7.…

  • What can be the fix for Gmail notifications not working on Google Chrome?


    Email services are highly demanded nowadays as people love to send an email along with an attachment to their colleagues, boss, near ones it doesn’t matter where they are. Email services have the facility to end copies of an email to many people. The…